A-CCT Project Partners Convene in the Netherlands to Advance Cloud Computing Education

On October 9th and 10th, 2023, project partners of the A-CCT initiative gathered for an international meeting in the Netherlands to discuss key milestones and future directions for the project. The A-CCT project, which stands for “Educational Framework for Cloud Computing,” aims to integrate cloud technologies into vocational education.

Review of Professional Monographs
One of the main agenda items was the review of professional monographs that have been prepared in the field of cloud computing. These monographs serve as comprehensive guides, providing in-depth knowledge and insights into various aspects of cloud computing, from server installation to security services.

Final Upgrades to the Learning Platform
The team also discussed the final upgrades to the cloud computing learning platform tailored for vocational education. These upgrades are expected to enhance the user experience and provide more effective learning pathways for students.

Pilot Testing of Project Results
A significant part of the meeting was dedicated to agreeing on the implementation of pilot testing of the project’s outcomes. This involves using the learning platform to acquire practical knowledge in cloud computing. The pilot tests aim to validate the effectiveness of the educational modules and the platform itself.

Upcoming Conferences in partner countries
The meeting concluded with the announcement of an upcoming conference to be held in Slovenia. This event will serve as a platform to share the inspiring results of the A-CCT project with a broader audience, including educators, students, and industry professionals.

The meeting was a crucial step in the A-CCT project’s journey, bringing together experts and stakeholders to review progress and plan for the future. The team is excited about the upcoming pilot tests and the conferences in partner countries, where we look forward to sharing our achievements and insights.

For more information, stay tuned for updates on the A-CCT project website.