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A-CCT Project – Digital Content Development for Integrating Cloud Technologies into Formal and Distance Vocational Education -, an Erasmus+ KA2 project, will strive to make positive contributions to employment by improving vocational education opportunities and to train qualified workforce, the target group of our project consists of students in vocational education, especially university students and individuals who want to have a profession.

One of the biggest challenges of the education system is that people learn in different ways and at different rates. Although each student has a different level of learning skills and different interests, educational institutions provide a uniform education for all. It has been shown that cloud technology, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things are at the top of the digital competencies in the DigCompEdu framework, and that there are competencies and professions that still need to be developed. In line with the DigCompEdu framework and our needs assessment, the A-CCT project will develop innovative learning materials compatible with the following competencies: Information and Data Literacy, Digital Content Creation, and Problem Solving.

»Digital Content Development for Integrating Cloud Technologies into Formal and Distance Vocational Education« is an Erasmus+ project, action KA2 – partnerships for cooperation.

The A-CCT project addresses the need to train teachers responsible for training individuals in cloud computing. To this end, we will develop cloud computing modules that incorporate innovative techniques and an assessment platform for more accurate student assessment. The content will be enriched by including cloud computing applications in the developed modules. We will ensure that more teachers and participants in the training will be able to use or attend the training in the form of open online courses. In this way, the project will help train students with the skills and qualifications that are in demand in the labor market.

Project number:  2021-1-SI01-KA220-VET-000034641

Project duration: 01. 11. 2021- 31. 10. 2023

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