What is cloud computing?

Do you know what cloud computing is?

Cloud computing is a way to access and use computing resources—like servers, storage, databases, and software—over the internet, rather than having all the hardware and software on your own computer or local network. Think of it like renting a powerful computer that you can access from anywhere, anytime, rather than buying and maintaining one yourself. This makes it easier and more cost-effective for individuals and businesses to run applications, store data, and perform various tasks without worrying about the technical details.

The A-CCT project (Digital Content Development for Integrating Cloud Technologies into Formal and Distance Vocational Education) aims to develop educational modules and platforms focused on cloud computing. The project seeks to innovate vocational education and training while ensuring the development of digital competencies. Specifically, it addresses the need to train teachers in the field of cloud computing by developing cloud computing modules that incorporate innovative techniques. An assessment platform will also be created for more accurate student assessment. The content will include cloud computing applications, and the training will be available in the form of open online courses. The project aims to equip students with skills that are in demand in the labor market, particularly in the field of cloud computing.