Begining of the A-CCT project

At the end of the year 2021, we started a new project under the Erasmus+ program, A-CCT – Digital Content Development for Integrating Cloud Technologies into Formal and Distance Vocational Education with the aim of contributing to innovations in vocational education and Training and to ensuring the development of digital competence, which we are implementing together with six partners from Slovenia, Turkey, the Netherlands, Norway, Croatia and Romania.

The A-CCT project refers to the need to train teachers who are responsible for training individuals in the field of cloud computing. To this end, we will develop cloud computing modules that include innovative techniques and an assessment platform for more accurate student evaluation. The content will be enriched by adding cloud computing applications to the developed modules. We will ensure that more teachers and training participants can use or participate in training in the form of open online courses. In this way, the project will contribute to the training of students with the skills that are in demand in the labor market.

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